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Overview of Career Success

Where Do ACE Graduate Students Go?*

Graduate programs in the Department of ACE prepare students for – and place students in – the futures they want

Facts to Know

  • Half of our PhD students end up in faculty positions (UMass-Amherst, Purdue, Texas A&M, etc.)
  • 28% of our MS students go on to PhD programs
  • Most PhD students finish in 4-5 years
  • Most MS students finish in 1.5-2 years
  • 75% of PhDs that with initial placements in postdocs then move into tenure track jobs

Initial Placement of Master’s Students (with examples):

  • PhD programs (25%): MIT, UIUC, UC-Davis, Cornell, etc.
  • Private sector: (36%) Industrial Economics, Rabobank, Noble Americas, etc.
  • Government/NGOs/non-faculty academic (27%): USDA, HUD, BLS, IFPRI, World Bank, Tufts, Missouri State, etc.

Initial Placement of PhD Students (with examples):

  • Faculty (31%): Michigan State, U. of Nebraska, U. of W. Virginia, Colby College, U. Saskatchewan, etc.
  • Postdoc (24%): Harvard, U. Minnesota, Tulane, etc.
  • Government/NGO (31%): USDA, IFPRI, World Bank, IADB, RFF, NOAA, NCAR, etc.
  • Private sector (13%): HSBC, JD Power & Assoc., McKinsey, Morgan-Stanley, etc.

*Based on data for 2006-2014