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PhD Dissertation Titles

Testing Two Existing Fertilizer Recommendation Algorithms: Stanford's 1.2 Rule for Corn and Site-specific Nutrient Management for Irrigated Rice
Essays on Food Security
Essays in Water Resource Economics
Price Volatility and Liquidity Costs in Grain Futures Markets
Three Essays in Commodity Futures Markets
Three Essays on Conservation: Policy Design, Risk Management and Impact Evaluation
Three Essays in Labor, Environmental, and Behavioral Economics
Using Choice Experiments to Value Preferences Over Stormwater Management
The Determinants of Agglomeration in Brazil: Input-Output, Labor and Knowledge externalities
Three Essays on Emission Credit Markets
Three Essays on Bubbles in Agricultural Futures Markets
Three Essays on Environmental and Regulatory Economics
Essays on Comodity Price Variability
Three Essays in Lending
Three Essays in Applied Finance
NAFTA'S Distributional Effect on Mexico: Three Essays in Regional Economics
The Role of Agglomeration and Dispersion Forces on the Spatial Distribution of Economic Activity in Chile: An Empirical Analysis of Spatial Wage Distribution and Regional Housing Prices
Empirical Essays in Development Economics: Evidence from Bolivia
Essays on the Role of Markets and Institutions in Developing Economies
Three Essays on the Economics of Education
Essays on the Economics of Investment in Health
Measuring the Effects of Food Price Increases and Agricultural Commercialization on Poverty and Nutrition
Assessing Marketing and Aid Strategies to Stimulate Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
A Prospective Analysis of Brazilian Biofuel Economy: Land Use, Infrastructure Development and Fuel Pricing Policies
Three Essays on Households' Location Decisions: Analysis of the Processes of Gentrification and Rural-Urban Migration
Three Essays on Agricultural Futures Traders
The Effectiveness of the Voluntary 33/50 Program in Inducing Adoption of Pollution Prevention Techniques and Toxic Release Reduciton
Three Essays on Investments in Children's Human Capital
Three Essays on Investments in Child Welfare in India
Properties of Natural Systems and the Efficiency of Market-Based Solutions to Environmental Externalities
Essays on the Spatial Dynamic Interaction of Individual Behavior, Institutions, and the Environment
Three Essays on Patronage Refunds and Capital Structure of Farm Credit System Associations
A Dynamic Analysis of U.S. Biofuels Policy Impact on Land Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Social Welfare
Rins and the Ethanol Supply Chain: An Alternative View
Three Essays on Conservation: Dynamic and Spatial Reserve Design and Values and Preferences for Econsystem Restoration
Three Empirical Analyses of Behavioral and Nutrition Policy Influences on Dietary Choices
Essays on the Spatial Dynamic Interaction of Individual Behavior, Institutions, and the Environment
Bioproducts and Environmental Quality: Biofuels, Greenhouse Gasses, and Water Quality
The Impacts of Research on Philippine Rice Production
Welfare Effects of Biofuel Policies in the Presence of Environmental Externalities and Pre-Existing Distortions
Three Essays on Fisheries Economics
Market Orientation|Production Agriculture: Measurement, Relationships, and Implications
A Dynamic Analysis of U.S. Biofuels Policy Impact on Land Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Social Welfare
Market Work and Household Production in Brazil
Improving the Accuracy of Outlook Price Forecasts:  An Application to Livestock Markets
Using Asset Poverty Measures to Understand Poverty Dynamics, Poverty Traps, and Farmer Behavior in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Focus on Rural Ethiopia
Defining and Measuring Entrepreneurship for Regional Research: A New Approach
Empirical Analysis of Farm Credit Risk under the Structure Model
Three Essays on Crop Insurance: RMA's Rules and Participation, and Perceptions
Intergenerational Caregiving between Parents and Their Adult Children: Evidence from a Study of Older Americans
Trade and Welfare Effects of Japan's Revised Import Protocol for American Apples
Implied Transaction Costs in Agricultural Futures Markets
Do Transaction Costs and Risk Preferences Influence Marketing Arrangements in the Illinois Hog Industry?
Spatial Dimensions of Economic Valuation:  A Comparison of Hedonic Models
Essays on Futures Trading Under Non-Standard Assumptions
Assessing Comparative Advantage in Soybean Production:  A Global Perspective
The Effects of Certification Cobrand and Price on Consumers' Product Evaluations and Purchase Intentions
Ambient Air Pollution and the Allocation of Environmental Enforcement Effort
Economic Models of Recreational and Commercial Fishing and Their Impact on the Great Lakes Ecosystem
Ex-Ante Welfare Effects from Scale-Neutral Productivity Growth for Semi-Subsistence Orphan Crops:  Genetically Modified Cassava in Sub-Sahara Africa
The Regional Economic Effects of Commercial Passenger Air Service at Small Airports
Three Essays on Systemic Risk and Rating in Crop Insurance Markets
Spatial Econometric Analysis of Property Values: The Impact of Sports Facilities on Local Residential Property Values
Modeling Farmers' Decision to Use Conservation Tillage and Genetically Modified Soybean Seed in a Joint Framework
Farmer Welfare and Agricultural Biotechnology
A Conjoint Analysis of Consumer Preferences for Product Attributes:  The Case of Illinois Apples
Evaluating the Economic Returns to Entrepreneurial Behavior
Three Essays on Commodity Risk Management
Are Agricultural Options Too Expensive?
Essays on the Economic Value of Environmental Cleanup
Farm Financing Strategy and the Lending Policy from Financial Institutions
Economic Modeling of Bioenergy Crop Production and Carbon Emission Reduction in Illinois
Three Essays on Land Conservation Programs
Three Essays on Performance and Behavior of Agricultural Market Advisory Services in Corn and Soybeans
Welfare Impacts of Alternative Public Policies for Environmental Protection in Agriculture in an Open Economy:  A General Equilibrium Framework
Essays on Intellectual Property Protection and Innovation in Agriculture
Irrigation Water Pricing:  Technology Adoption, Welfare, and Political Economy
Volatility and Price Information Contained in Selected Agricultural Futures Options
Urban and Suburban Farmers Markets in Illinois:  A Comparative Analysis of Consumer Segmentation Using Demographics, Preferences, and Behaviors
Modeling Farm-Level Impacts of Federal Income Tax Reforms:  A Stochastic Simulation Approach
The Profitability of Technical Trading Rules in US Futures Markets
Natural Resource Damage Policy:  Political Economy and Optimal Assessment Accuracy
Spatial Models of Animal Disease Control in South America:  The Case of Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Investigations in Land Use Modelling:  Comparing Analytical Techniques, Data Volumes, and Policy Scenarios in Sumatra
Designing Contiguous and Minimally Fragmented Nature Conservation Reserve Networks
Incentives and Institutions: A Comparative Legal and Economic Study of Food Safety