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Adam Sommer
You find the job and internships that fit your long-term career goals.

Profile: Adam Sommer

Undergraduate Student

Adam Sommer, an agricultural and consumer economics (ACE) student, is aiming for a career in agricultural policy upon graduation. The native of Gibson City, Illinois, already manages and markets grain for his family farm, and he chose his major to make an impact in agriculture and to develop his ag-related financial knowledge

“The ability to experience not only agriculture but other classes of my choice is unique and valuable,” Adam says. “The College of ACES also provides ample opportunities that go beyond just the college level. You find the job and internships that fit your long-term career goals.”

Adam says ACES and U of I have given him the skills he needs to interact with an array of people in many different settings. He’s a member of FarmHouse Fraternity, the Orange Krush, and the ExploreACES steering committee. He also was involved with the Student Alumni Ambassadors and has attended the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) conference for three years.

“The thing that stands out to me is the quality of people I have come to know through the College of ACES,” Adam says. “I have met great friends, had the opportunity to discuss ag issues with some of the greatest agricultural minds in the country, and have gotten to work alongside some fantastic people. That is truly what has made my experience meaningful.”

Adam has held multiple internships in Washington, DC, that helped set his career path and shape what he’s done while in school. He says that working for Monsanto and Congressman Adam Kinzinger provided opportunities to further his learning and experiences.

“I believe the University of Illinois sets itself apart by giving students the complete package,” Adam says. “It has clubs, internship opportunities, large-scale lecture classes, small-scale discussion classes, and the perks of being one of the best academic institutions out there. The U of I brings it all right to the student, and while challenging, it teaches them the classwork and the intangibles all at the same time.”