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Erick Garcia
My U of I experience was instrumental in preparing me for my current position.

Profile: Erick Garcia

National Sales Representative, Valent USA

Versatility of work settings, travel opportunities, and working directly with customers are just a few of the things that agricultural and consumer economics (ACE) alumnus Erick Garcia enjoys about his career with Valent USA. So far, Erick’s career has led him to work in 15 different states while developing skills, gaining professional experience, and exploring different parts of the country.

“My U of I experience was instrumental in preparing me for my current position,” Erick says. “If it had not been for the ACE 199CA class with Dr. Paul Ellinger and Jessa Barnard, I would not have been introduced to Valent.”

Erick adds that the work involved in his college projects and group activities parallels what he experiences in the real world. Characteristics that have allowed him to excel in his profession include versatility, time management, communication skills, perseverance, and humility. Meeting deadlines, collaborating, making presentations, analyzing data, and drafting professional documents have also transferred on to be useful in his career.

“The diverse selection of classes and activities allows students to pursue and develop the skills necessary to succeed in any future setting,” he says. “U of I has the ability to enrich and prepare its students for life after graduation as well as doing an exceptional job in connecting students with potential employers.”