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Guy Kirby
It brings me joy to serve others beyond what may be expected.

Profile: Guy Kirby

Broker and Sales Partner, RE/MAX Realty Associates

Being able to meet new people every day, develop relationships, and serve clients in many ways is what Guy Kirby likes most about being a broker and sales partner for RE/MAX Realty Associates. Guy assists people interested in buying or selling real estate.

“There is more to the job than helping someone buy or sell a house,” Guy Kirby says. “It brings me joy to serve others beyond what may be expected. I also love the people I work with in my office. I feel like I’ve been able to develop there extremely well, and I have learned a great deal from my colleagues about real estate.”

Guy says his University of Illinois experience helped prepare him for his new career, too.

“At the U of I you have to put it upon yourself to succeed,” Guy says. “It is not up to your family or professors to get you through school. In my current job, my success is determined by the time and effort I give. I know the formula for success and can now live it out.”

Guy’s experiences in his extracurriculars also helped build his skill set for success. 

“Through collegiate wrestling I was able to get outside of my comfort zone,” Guy says. “I learned about fighting to stay alive versus fighting to dominate a match. Now, on the job, I have to do more than show up. I work to get ahead and continue pushing to ensure success. It was a tough perspective to acquire at first, but once you have a conditional mindset, I feel you will be ahead of the rest of the playing field.”

Opportunities like wrestling helped Guy adjust to the university and left him believing that U of I is one of the best.

“The U of I provides great academic services and learning environments,” Guy says. “In my small high school, it was easy to get one-on-one help. Even though the U of I is a large school, professors go out of their way to help students who show they want to learn and succeed. It really makes the U of I a desirable place to study because of the prestigious education and the many resources students are given.”