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Jack Dunigan
As long as I was able to dream it, I was able to attempt to complete it.

Profile: Jack Dunigan

Account Executive, Dash Data

Being on the ground floor of a start-up company is challenging but exciting, says Jack Dunigan, account executive at Dash Data.

“I really enjoy being part of a new company,” Jack says. “Working for a start-up is hard work, but it is also very rewarding. I am responsible for how our company will grow and how our brand will be viewed. I really enjoy this responsibility, and I hope to make Dash Data a success.”

Asked about personal traits that foster success, Jack says good focus has been important to him on the job.

“Being able to stay focused and wear many hats has proven very valuable, allowing me to complete various tasks outside of the traditional role of an account executive,” Jack says. “I have engaged new clients by creating targeted educational and networking events and being active on social media.”

Capitalizing on his time at the University of Illinois has also fueled Jack’s career success.

“My education and connections at U of I have really helped me enter the workforce and hit the ground running,” Jack says. “Through great coursework in environmental policy and law and a rewarding internship with the Illinois Green Business Association, I developed a great base of knowledge that I can leverage in my current career.”

The U of I made a tremendous impact on Jack, equipping him with a skill set to succeed.

“As long as I was able to dream it, I was able to attempt to complete it,” Jack says. “The university gave me the tools to create a student organization around a subject that I am passionate about, let me travel the nation to compete as an athlete, travel the world academically, and provides a strong alumni network with which to connect personally. The U of I is a perfect fit for entrepreneurs, progressive minds of academia, and leaders of technology and innovation. I could not have spent my years of higher education at a better place.”