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Joe Tholl
Being able to work with a wide range of people with a variety of experiences is been my favorite part of the job.

Profile: Joe Tholl

Compliance Investigator, National Futures Association

Some things taught in the college classroom are not real-world problems and cannot be applied to everyday life. But for agricultural and consumer economics graduate Joe Tholl, the practical examples provided throughout his college career helped him land his first job, with the National Futures Association.

“The professors’ knowledge and experiences, as well as the real-world examples incorporated into each lesson, were invaluable to my understanding of the course material,” Joe says. “In addition, the group projects that were assigned were challenging, but they taught me how to work with a wide variety of people.”

Joe’s knowledge of his future field and his interpersonal skills were also boosted by participating in various extracurriculars, including ACE Club, Illinois Business Consulting, and intramural sports. Those experiences also helped build his communication skills and the ability to attend to detail.

“Communication is imperative in my job, because while I work on an audit, I must converse with many people in a firm,” Joe says. “It is always beneficial to clearly communicate my thought process. I must also be able to find small details in a firm’s documents that could be misleading to a customer.”

Joe chose a career that suits his personality, and he enjoys its atmosphere, just like he did at the University of Illinois. The size and diversity of the campus meant he could always find a common interest with someone, and today his work is no different.

“Being able to work with a wide range of people with a variety of experiences is been my favorite part of the job,” Joe says. “One day I am working at a big firm with employees who handle millions of dollars in customer funds, and the next day I’m at a small commodity pool consisting of three participants.”