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Katie Murray
The agri-accounting program gave me a solid business background, and specialized in an area that is thriving.

Profile: Katie Murray

Senior Accountant

“The College of ACES helped prepare me for life after college,” said Katie Murray, an accountant with Archer Daniels Midland. “The agri-accounting program gave me a solid business background, and specialized in an area that is thriving.”

Murray said a solid background in accounting and analysis armed her with a skillset and the confidence that allowed her to take on her role at ADM. “Accounting at ADM definitely allows me to exercise my analysis skills, but I also get to work with teams and other divisions, so communication is key as well. I’m learning from experts in the industry and I enjoy working with the business units to discuss numbers on a monthly basis. I’m getting a better understanding of the business as a whole. It’s a challenging position and I am constantly learning.”

Murray said equally important in her education were the classes that honed in on specific skill sets, such as an advanced Excel course that was modeled after a former student’s internship experience. “The College does an excellent job of applying real-life to the classroom,” she said, “giving ACES students an edge when they start their careers. The attention I received as a student was great; from picking courses to interviewing for jobs, I always felt my future was important to the faculty.”

She had the opportunity to travel overseas during her college career. She said the experience was “eye-opening” and very beneficial now that she works for a global company. “The International Business Immersion Program was fantastic,” she said. “The students I toured Europe with became my best friends, and we have some of the best memories from this trip. I felt like this program also prepared me for life beyond college; I learned how to network, speak to business professionals, and work with a team to complete a major project.”

Murray said she appreciated the experience of attending a Big 10 school and receiving an excellent education from a renowned institution. Her advice to new students? “Visit lots of schools and ask lots of questions, but ultimately, go with your gut and do what feels right.”