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Margaret Jodlowski
Talking to people gave me a chance to open my mind and experience a life very different than my own.

Profile: Margaret Jodlowski

Undergraduate Student

A research internship at the Dixon Springs Agricultural Center in Southern Illinois opened Margaret Jodlowski’s mind to different lifestyles and people.

Not only was she able to focus on her self-directed and designed research project, but she also learned more about herself and other people than she ever imagined.

Jodlowski, a student in agricultural and consumer economics, said she enjoys being able to integrate into the community and do something that could really make a difference.

“Talking to people in the area was a rewarding part of my experience,” she said. “It was a crucial part of my research, which I enjoy doing, but it also gave me a chance to open my mind and experience a life very different than my own.”

The work that she and the other interns completed each day was crucial to the success of the center. Her personal project was analyzing the structures and subsidies necessary to make southern Illinois a potential producer of bioenergy crops that could replace fossil fuels and corn-based ethanol.

Her drive, work ethic, and far-reaching goals have helped her to be successful in not only her internship, but also her classes and extracurricular activities. She serves as president of the history honors society, Phi Alpha Theta, and is co-president of the James Scholar Media Team.