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Megan Moss
U of I is a university that equips its students for the real world.

Profile: Megan Moss

Missionary/Field Business Administrator, Christian Missionary Fellowship International

Megan Moss loves being able to combine her two passions in her job as a missionary and field business administrator in Tanzania for the Christian Missionary Fellowship International.

“I am able to serve the Lord in a cross-cultural context while using my accounting degrees,” Megan says. “I use the financial education and training I received in a way I never dreamed, helping other non-accounting-minded missionaries focus on their ministry roles by taking care of most of the financial needs of our team in Tanzania. Also, because that work doesn’t require 40 hours a week, I can expand my work here, training others in microenterprise and financial decision making. I am also able to use my background in agriculture to teach Tanzanians ways to improve their lives through better farming practices.”

Growing up in small-town, rural Illinois, Megan wasn’t exposed to a variety of people and cultures. Her time at the U of I changed that, and using what she learned there has helped her in her career on two continents. Hard work, diligence, and her attention to detail, supplemented by learning to adapt, have all helped Megan succeed and enjoy her calling as a missionary.

“On the mission field, humility is needed,” Megan says. “Living in a cross-cultural environment reveals just how much one does not know, particularly about elements of daily life, like language, driving, shopping, and so on. To live here in Tanzania requires a teachable spirit, as I have to relearn basics I took for granted in my home culture. By combining these characteristics, I’m able to thrive in my role here.”

While at U of I, Megan not only gained many friendships with professionals and peers, she learned the importance of wanting a better global future.

“U of I is a university that equips its students for the real world,” Megan says. “It prepares them for a variety of career paths, as many will leave campus and go on to do great things. The professors and staff believe in the students that walk through the halls and invest in them to see a better future for our world.”