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Nicole Weber
U of I gave me great baseline knowledge about financial planning.

Profile: Nicole Weber

Financial Planner, GCG Financial

For agricultural and consumer economics graduate Nicole Weber, goal setting is the most enjoyable part of her job as a financial planner. 

“While everyone’s situation is different, one commonality we see is an increase in personal confidence as we work to develop a game plan,” Nicole says. “While major life events—both positive and negative—are inevitable along the way, it is so rewarding to help a client get to the finish line.”

Knowing how to effectively set goals is just one skill Nicole finds to be key to her professional success. Both analytical and personal skills are vital as well. Nicole believes the University of Illinois paved her path to career success.

“U of I gave me great baseline knowledge about financial planning,” Nicole says. “One of the biggest takeaways from my classes was the importance of starting to save at a young age.”

While Nicole attended U of I, she was involved in extracurricular activities ranging from Greek life to multiple internships to studying abroad in Spain. It is opportunities like these that make the U of I stand out to Nicole as a top-notch university.

“I love how U of I is a big campus with so many opportunities, yet feels small once you get involved,” Nicole says. “I’ve made not only professional connections but also lifetime friends through my experiences at U of I. As well, I loved the opportunity to study a variety of items of interest instead of solely my major. Study abroad was a life-changing opportunity for me, and I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it.”