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Paige Leyden
My involvement with many activities at U of I has spilled over into my work environment.

Profile: Paige Leyden

Natural Products Research Associate, SPINS

Working for a company that provides weekly yoga sessions and monthly massages may be the next great thing! Agricultural and consumer economics graduate Paige Leyden is a natural products research associate for SPINS, a data analysis and insights company that focuses on natural and organic retail products.

“I really enjoy the people I work with and our company culture,” Paige says. “The members of my team come from diverse backgrounds, and they are all brought together by our passion for the natural products industry.”

Working for a company she loves and being successful in her career are a result of Paige’s time at the University of Illinois. She was involved in numerous extracurriculars and held a variety of internships; both taught her many skills to bring into the workplace.

“My involvement with many activities at U of I has spilled over into my work environment,” Paige says. “People at my company can count on me to plan and attend events, and my managers can count on me to juggle many projects at once.”

When in school, Paige took the International Business Immersion Program class, was treasurer of the Horticulture Club, and chaired ACES Without Borders. She also interned with ADM Institute and OSI and did research with Alex Winter-Nelson. All of these experiences have helped her excel on the job.

“The classes I took in policy and law, as well as a communications internship at the ADM Institute for Postharvest Loss, have helped me join our Insights team, which writes client policy briefs and newsletters as well as articles for publishers,” Paige says. “Group projects during my time at U of I have made me more mindful of deadlines and working with members of my team, as well as doing consulting projects with other co-workers.”