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Robert Lubben
ACES has great faculty and that’s reflected by the caliber of the students here.

Profile: Robert Lubben

Chief Operating Officer, Rabo AgriFinance

Robert Lubben, a 1991 Agricultural Finance graduate, has used his degree in Agricultural and Consumer Economics to help establish a long and impressive career. He currently serves as Rabo AgriFinance’s Chief Operating Officer. His responsibilities include maintaining technology facilities and general operations of the company.

Robert says Rabo AgriFinance is a fast growing company and provides him with a variety of opportunities and challenges each day, which is his favorite part of the job.

While attending the University of Illinois, his involvements on campus helped to prepare him for his career. Being in an agriculture fraternity and a NAMA team member taught him valuable skills he still uses today.

“I learned a lot being in NAMA,” Robert says. “Public speaking skills, how to work in a group and how to take a team approach to issues have been great assets.”

Robert credits his success to curiosity and a willingness to always try new things, not to mention the education he received at the U of I.

“The faculty was approachable and knowledgeable as a student and as a career person,” he says. “ACES has great faculty and that’s reflected by the caliber of the students here.”