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William Hau
U of I has the capability to mold you into the person you want to become.

Profile: William Hau

Procurement Specialist, Ecolab

“The University of Illinois prepared me for my job by teaching the value of hard work, challenging me intellectually, and providing me with crucial networking opportunities that equipped me for a professional work environment,” William Hau says.

As a procurement specialist for Ecolab, William enjoys the opportunity to create added value in the supply chain process while proving his worth and using what he learned at Illinois.

“Management truly appreciates team players and employees with a positive attitude,” William says. “My well-rounded education has also been a benefit. For example, ACE 360 and 446 taught finance concepts using Microsoft Excel. This skill has allowed me to work on projects that I would otherwise not have been consulted on, which has given me opportunities to connect with departments and executives I otherwise may not have met.”

As an involved student, William was able to build relationships with professors, teaching assistants, and his advisor.

“The campus seemed much larger on my first day of college compared to my last,” William says. “This is because professors, advisors, and students create an outstanding environment that allows students to reach their goals. U of I has the capability to mold you into the person you want to become.”