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Minor in Environmental Economics and Law

The minor in Environmental Economics and Law is designed to provide students with basic skills in economic and legal analysis, and to teach them how to apply those tools to environmental problems.  Students will emerge from this minor with in-depth knowledge about issues related to environmental protection and natural resource management and possibly sustainable development or land-use planning.  There are no prerequisites for this minor.

Hours Required for the Environmental Economics and Law Minor
3 ACE/ECON/ENVS/NRES/UP 210 -- Environmental Economics (Fall only)
3 ACE/ENVS/NRES 310 -- Natural Resource Economics (Spring only; prereq ACE 100 or ECON 102)
3-4 One course selected from:  ACE 100 Agr Cons and Resource Econ or Econ 102 -- Microeconomics
6 Two Courses selected from:  ACE 306 -- Food Law (Fall only), ACE 403 -- Agricultural Law (Spring only; prereq Junior Standing), ACE 406 -- Environmental Law (Fall only), BADM 300 - The Legal Environment of Business (restricted to BUS majors and minors, FSHN majors, TSM majors), UP 211 -- Local Planning, Government and Law (Fall only).
3 One course selected from:  ACE 411 -- Environment and Deployment (Fall only; prereq ECON 302), CEE 434 -- Environmental Systems I (Fall only; prereq CEE 201 and CEE 330), Econ 414 -- Urban Economics (Spring only, prereq ECON 302) or Econ 484 -- Law and Economics (Fall only; prereq ECON 302).

A minimum of 18 hours must be completed for this minor. Courses in the minor cannot be completed Credit/No Credit.

Enrollment in the Environmental Economics and Law minor is not available to students enrolled in the Environmental Economics and Policy concentration of the Department of ACE or in the Human Dimensions option of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences prior to January 2013.

Minor advising information available from:
Dr. Amy Ando (amyando@illinois, 301 Mumford Hall) or Ann Finnegan (, 304 Mumford Hall)

This information provided herein is correct to the best of our knowledge as of February 2011.