“Celebrate the past to awaken the future,” –John F. Kennedy
December 12, 2015
My senior year of high school I knew that I wanted to continue my education at the University of Illinois. What I wanted to study was a different story. I was raised on a family farm, so I felt like I had no better option than to select a major in the College of ACES. After looking into it further, I knew that this major they called “ACE” would be the absolute perfect match for me.
December 10, 2015
As I reflect back on the wonderful Thanksgiving break I enjoyed at home with my family; I can’t help but think of the many things I have to be thankful for. To name just a few of those things: friends, family, clothing, shelter, and an abundance of food. While preparing to write this blog post, I realized something that I forgot – education!
December 3, 2015
As we return to school following Thanksgiving break, we all have plenty to be thankful for.
December 1, 2015