The greatest experience I had as an ACE student was the academic opportunity to devise an independent study. Last semester, I constructed an independent study with ACE Instructor Jon Scholl. The class counted as credits towards graduation and was labeled ACE 295: Managing a Central Illinois Farm. 

Last summer, I reached out to Jon Scholl to see if he would be interested in conducting an independent study with me. Considering his farming background, I wanted to learn the everyday managerial decision one must make as the owner of a farm. He agreed to my request, and we formulated a syllabus and academic expectations. 

Throughout the semester, I visited O’Neall Brothers and Scholl Farming Operations in Cooksville, IL. It was a firsthand experience where I learned the day-to-day farming practices and even had the opportunity to ride in a combine harvester. Overall, it was the best practical learning experience I had through my collegiate career. 

Blog Writer
Theresa Miller, Visiting Academic Advisor and Marketing Coordinator