ACE Experiential Learning

Photo of students standing in a meeting room.

Experiential Learning programs in the ACE Department have grown significantly in recent years.  They are designed to provide students with well-rounded out-of-classroom immersion experiences focusing on the linkages of food production, global agribusiness management issues and strategies, business planning concepts, and the policy-making process. We have grown from the initial New York City and International Business Immersion Program experiences to policy oriented tours in D.C. and California, small business development in Guatemala and Brazil, food and financial immersion in Chicago, and product development and marketing planning at a national conference in Kansas City with the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA).

Through the generous support of corporate sponsorships and private donations, students have successfully learned how to enter the real world through ACE Experiential Learning. Your donation could help fund transportation for a student in San Francisco for our new Food, Farm and Environmental Policy course; an alumni event in Washington D.C. during a spring break policy program; programming in Brazil, Europe, or China for the International Business Immersion Program; or lodging and supplies in Kansas City for the National Agri-Marketing Association student competition. You could be helping to provide a means for students to gain valuable experiences and skillsets that more fully equip them for today’s competitive job market.

We hope that you’ll consider making a one-time tax deductible donation to help support student travel and logistics on ACE Experiential Learning Programs.

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