Graduate Student Career Placement

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Where Do ACE Graduate Students Go?

Graduate programs in the Department of ACE prepare students for – and place students in – the futures they want

Facts to Know

  • Most MS students finish in 1.5-2 years
  • 24% of our MS students go on to PhD programs
  • Most PhD Students finish in 4-5 years
  • Half of our PhD students end up in faculty positions
  • 75% of PhDs with initial placements in postdocs then move into tenure track jobs

Initial Placement of Master’s Students (with examples)

  • PhD programs (24%): UC-Davis, Auburn Univ, UIUC, Cornell, Univ of Wisconsin, etc.
  • Private sector: (47%) Archer Daniels Midland, MetLife, GP Financial Services, Monsanto, The Hershey Co., etc.
  • Government/NGOs/non-faculty academic (29%): Pan American Health Org., One Acre Fund, Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, Univ of Michigan, Univ of Nebraska etc.

A pie chart displaying twenty five percent of masters students go on to PhD programs, thirty six percent enter the private sector, and twenty seven percent go into government, ngos, or non-faculty academic positions.

Initial Placement of PhD Students (with examples)

  • Faculty (25%): Mississippi State, Nanjing Audit University, Universidad de los Andes, Chico State, etc.
  • Postdoc (31%): Tufts, Univ of Minnesota, Univ of Delaware, etc.
  • Government/NGO (25%): USDA, World Bank, IFAD, IADB, EPA, etc.
  • Private sector (19%): Citigroup, Mountain View Financial Solutions, South Coast Air Quality Management Dist., etc.

A pie chart showing 31% of phd students go on to careers as faculty, 24% go on to postdoc positions, 31% work for the government or ngos, and 13% work in the private sector.