Required and Recommended Courses for the PhD

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The core courses cover the theory and quantitative methods upon which advanced research is based, and the specialty area courses build on the knowledge gained in the core courses. The core courses are:

Number Course Name
ACE 592ME1 Microeconomics, 4 hours
ACE 501  Risk and Info:  Theory and App, 4 hours
ACE 502 Demand/Supply/Firms/Households, 4 hours
ACE 503  Equilibrium and Welfare Econ, 4 hours
ECON 532 Economic Statistics, 4 hours or
STAT 400 Statistics and Probability I, 4 hours and
STAT 410 Statistics and Probability II, 4 hours
ECON 535 Econometric Analysis, 4 hours

Students may also be advised to complete ACE 566,  Mathematics for Applied Econ.

A maximum of 2 hours of the credit for ACE 566 counts towards graduation requirements in the ACE graduate programs.

1ECON 500 is available to ACE students only during the fall semester and may be taken in place of ACE 592ME.