Straight Through Masters to Ph.D

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Entering M.S. students with exceptional academic backgrounds whose goals include a Ph.D. degree may wish to consider the straight-through Ph.D. option. In this option, students are admitted as M.S. candidates but begin taking doctoral courses in their first year. If they perform well in these courses, they will be considered for transfer directly into the Ph.D. program without completing the M.S. degree. Those who successfully pursue this option generally do not receive an M.S. degree.

To be considered for the straight-through Ph.D. option, within three semesters of enrolling in the ACE M.S. program, you must complete the following requirements listed below.

Students who satisfy these requirements may apply for transfer into the ACE Ph.D. program using a Graduate College petition form. The petition must include a recommendation from the student’s academic adviser and will be reviewed by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the Chair of the Graduate Admissions and Recruiting Committee.

Students admitted into the Ph.D. program via the straight-through option must complete the Ph.D. core examination based on courses listed in 1, below, before five semesters have elapsed from their original enrollment in the ACE graduate program. The core examination is described in the Ph.D. program requirements. Students must also complete all other Graduate College and Department requirements for the Ph.D. degree (see next section for details.)

  1. At least two courses from among:
    Number Course Name
    ACE 592ME or
    ECON 500
    Microeconomics, 4 hours or
    General Microeconomic Theory, 4 hours
    ACE 501 Risk and Info: Theory and App, 4 hours
    ACE 502 Demand/Supply/Firms/Households, 4 hours
    ACE 503 Equilibrium and Welfare Econ, 4 hours
    You are strongly encouraged to complete ACE 501, 502, 503 in the same academic year.
  2. One course from among:
    Number Course Name
    ECON 532 Economic Statistics, 4 hours
    ECON 535 Econometric Analysis, 4 hours
    ACE 563 
    ACE 567
    Math Program App Econ I, 2 hours and
    Math Program App Econ, 4 hours
    STAT 400
    STAT 410
    Statistics and Probability I, 4 hours and
    Statistics and Probability II, 4 hours
    You may substitute other advanced quantitative methods courses approved in advance by the Director of Graduate Studies.
  3. Sixteen hours of courses satisfying requirements 1 and 2 above, or other 500 level courses, but not any independent study courses.
  4. Twenty-four hours of graduate credit overall with a GPA of at least 3.0 for both the courses used to satisfy requirements 1 and 2 above and all hours completed.