About the Program

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The International Business Program (IBIP) is housed in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, but is cross-listed in the College of Business and works closely with many of the Title VI Cultural Centers on campus. Each year, sophomore, junior, and senior students travel abroad to gain exposure to the economic environment of different countries and learn how these countries impact and are impacted by global markets.

IBIP consists of three inseparable components:

  1. 400-level preparatory business course held during the fall semester
  2. 2-week study tour in January
  3. Public, on-campus presentation of the students’ research findings in the following spring semester

During the fall semester leading up to the study tour, students learn about international business relations in the US and the area they will be touring. Working in teams, students specialize in one particular industry of the country they are visiting and compare and contrast the same industry in the US. While on the study tour, students travel to a variety of destinations including multinational companies, regulators, farms and local companies.

The program costs about $4,500, which will be charged to your student account. Financial aid and scholarships may be used to pay for the program. Students enrolled in IBIP are especially encouraged to apply for campus I4I scholarship funding. 

IBIP is supported financially and in-kind by donors, cooperating firms and the Doug Roberts Foundation to offset the cost of the trip to the students.

To apply for the International Business Immersion Program, visit the university study abroad website and search “IBIP.”