M.S. Job Market Placements

Student Thesis Title / Director of Research Initial Placement Graduation Year
Demand for Certified Aflatoxin-Free Grains
Dr. Kathy Baylis
Ph.D. Student in Agricultural and Consumer Economics 2019
Drivers of Water Use in the Agricultural Sector of the European Union 27
Dr. Sandy Dall'erba
Ph.D. Student in Agricultural and Consumer Economics 2019
Impacks of Plate Shape and Siz on Individual Food Waste in a University Dining Hall Setting
Dr. Brenna Ellison
Corporate Buyer, U.S. Foods 2019
A Crop Simulatioln Approach to Estimate the Value of On-farm Field Trials
Dr. David Bullock
PhD Student in Crop Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 2018
Mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Motivations and Effectiveness
Dr. Madhu Khanna
Health Care Data Analyst, Carle Foundation Hospital 2018
Building Capacity of Rural Youth and Extension Workers in Agriculture as a Business: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Malawi
International NGO Tear Fund UK working in international development in the Middle East region 2017
Impacts of Crop Insurance on Cash Rents
Agricultural Investments Research Analyst, Metlife (New Jersey) 2017
Cost and Timeliness of Alternative Nitrogen Applications Methods
Grain Elevator Manager, GRAINCO FS, Inc. 2017
Impacts of pesticide use practices and gender on cowpea productivity of smallholder farmers in Benin
Baylis and Michelson
Research Associate, Leibniz Institute for Research in Economic Development 2017
US Yield Forecasting Using Crop Condition Ratings
Scott Irwin
Grain Merchandiser, Archer Daniels Midland Company 2017
Valuing Chicago's Beaches Across Race and Income
Dr. Amy Ando
Associate, ICF International, Washington, DC 2017
Determinants of Soybean Adoption and Performance in Northern Ghana
Dr. Alex Winter-Nelson
Associate Director, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Soybean Value Chain Research 2017
Investigating the Heterogeneous Effects of Temperature on Economic Grown
Dr. Ben Crost
Research Associate, University of Ilinois 2017
Where Trees Grow, Assets Grow: Applying Spatial Matching to Evaluate Agroforestry's Household Welfare Impacts in Kenya
Dr. Kathy Baylis
PhD Student, Duke University 2017
The High-Low Spread Estimator is not Well-Behaved in Commodity Markets
Dr. Scott Irwin
PhD Student, University of Illinois 2017