Ph.D. Job Market Placements

Student Thesis Title / Director of Research Initial Placement Graduation Year
Rural Housholds and Labor Markets: Asset Transfer, Migration and Civil Conflict
Alex Winter-Nelson and Mary Arends-Kuenning
ET Consultant, Poverty and Equity Group, The World Bank, Washington, DC 2019
Essays on volatility in U.S. agricultural commodities futures markets.
Teresa Serra and Philip Garcia
Assistant Professor, Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, Columbia 2019
Three Essays on Agriculture, Environment and Development
Kathy Baylis
Postdoctoral Scholar, Center on Food Security and the Environment (FSE), Standford University 2019
Three Essays on Agriculture Policy and Health in India
Kathy Baylis and Mary Arends-Kuenning
Postdoctoral Researcher, Johns Hopkins University (EPIC and CBEAR) 2019
The Socioeconomic Impact of the Superfund Program
Peter Christensen
Research Agricultural Economist, Economic Research Service/USDA, Kansas City, MO 2019
Location Choice of Toxic Releasing Facilities after the TRI Information Disclosure: Implications for Environmental Injustice
Madhu Khanna and George Deltas
Post-doc, Carnegie Mellon University 2019
Soil Fertility Management and Economics of Soybean in Ghana
Dr. Alex Winter-Nelson
Research Scientist (Agricultural Economist), CSIR-Savanna Agricultural Research Institute, Ghana 2019
Essays on Driving Factors of Migration: From Regional to Metro Perspectives
Dr. Geoffrey Hewings
Quantitative Associate, Wells Fargo (San Francisco) 2019
The Socioeconomic Consequences of the U.S. Fracking Boom
Yilan Xu
Assistant Professor, Institute of Urbana Development at Nanjing Audit University 2018
Essays on Production Chains and Disruptions: New Input-Output Perspectives on Time, Scale and Space
Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
Postdoctoral Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO 2018
The Impact of Food Georgraphy on Consumer and Producer Welfare
Kathy Baylis
Assistant Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State University 2018
Three Essays in Applied Economics: An Evaluation of Brazilian Public Policies
Dr. Peter Christensen
Research Collaborator, Institute of Economic Research Foundation, Brazil 2018
Impact of Coordinated Asset Transfers and Asset Ownersip on Poverty Reduction, Women's Empowerment, and Child Education: Evidence from Zambia, and Tanzania
International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD) in Rome, Italy. 2017
Three Essays Evaluating Public Policies: Labor Markets, Education, and Measurement
Kathy Baylis and Mary Arends-Kuenning
Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia 2017
Essays on Early Childhood Development and Family Economics
Mary Arends-Kuenning
Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank 2017
Three Essays Investigating Post-Bubble Housing Market: Prices and Foreclosures
Dr. Geoffrey Hewings
Instructor, Wright State University 2017
Sustainable Infrastructure Technologies: Impact and Policy
Dr. Amy Ando
Post-doc, University of Delaware 2017
Three Essays in Development Economics: Private Transfers, Farmers' Retirement, and Learning Failures
Dr. Mary Arends-Kuenning
Consultant, Poverty Global Practice, World Bank 2017