Agricultural Finance

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ACE is a leader in agricultural and applied finance. The program has both a strong research base, and proven record working with industry participants and policy makers to address real-world problems and develop useful tools and outreach products. Students in the graduate program can become involved in any of a wide range of finance-related topics including asset valuation, credit assessment, firm-level financial management, investment and capital budgeting evaluation, leverage, financial structure, lending policies, agricultural credit institutions, and national and international trends affecting financial outcomes in agriculture. The faculty's strong ties to production agriculture, lending institutions, and agribusiness create an environment conducive to problem-oriented research, and provide highly promising post-graduation opportunities.

Recommended Courses for Ph.D. Area of Specialization

Descriptions of courses listed below are available

  • ACE 542, Advanced Agricultural Finance

and at least two of:

  • ACE 591, Independent Study (Approved Finance Topics), 4 hours
  • FIN 511, Investments, 4 hours
  • FIN 561, Financial Intermediation, 4 hours
  • FIN 562, Macrofinance, 4 hours
  • FIN 591, Theory of Finance, 4 hours
  • FIN 596, Seminar in Fin Intermediation, 4 hours

For more information about Agricultural Finance, please contact:

Dr. Bruce Sherrick
26 Mumford Hall
1301 W. Gregory Drive
Urbana, Illinois 61801
phone: 217-244-2637
fax: 217-333-5538