Family and Consumer Economics

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Students in family and consumer economics use applied economics to address policy-relevant issues related to the behavior and well being of families, individuals, and consumers. This area of specialization focuses on household demand, household production, family formation and dissolution, consumer finance and family economics, and government policy. Faculty members are leading experts in several areas of family and consumer research including child support payments; effects of family structure on children's schooling, health, and well being; determinants of household financial well-being; family and consumer policy; consumer information and regulation; and health care issues. Faculty members also have a strong and growing interest in the international dimensions of family and consumer economics, including applications in the areas of international development and consumer finance.

Recommended Courses for Ph.D. Area of Specialization

Descriptions of courses listed below are available

  • ACE 531, Impact Evaluation, 2 hours
  • ACE 571, Household Economics, 2 hours
  • ACE 572, Economics of the Family, 4 hours

For more information about Family and Consumer Economics, please contact:

Dr. Mary Arends-Kuenning
408 Mumford Hall
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Urbana, Illinois 61801
phone: 217-333-0753
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