Regional Economics and Public Policy

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Regional economics is an intellectually demanding and exciting field. Recognizing that space or location matters adds another dimension of complexity and realism to traditional economics. Traditional questions of regional economics include why some regions prosper while others do not, why some industries cluster, and what public policies can help places become more competitive and prosperous. More recent questions deal with the spatial externalities of weather events on, among others, crop yield and interregional trade as well as the impact of climate change on global supply chain linkages. The University of Illinois has a 40‑year heritage of educating leading regional economists and providing leadership to the Regional Science Association International.

Recommended Courses for Ph.D. Area of Specialization

Descriptions of courses listed below are available

  • ACE 532/SE, Spatial Econometrics, 4 hours
  • ACE 592, Environmental and economic Input-Output, 4 hours

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