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A Summer in Germany -- Joe Gasienica

Aug 29
Theresa Miller, Visiting Academic Advisor and Marketing Coordinator

My study abroad excursion to Germany has left a mark on me and changed my life for the better. The biggest change is that I now can proudly say I have made life-long friends from all over the world. From the members of my program to the strangers I met, I have made so many new companions whom I plan to stay in contact with for the rest of my life. Next, although travel abroad is conducive to cultural immersion, I found that this component was epitomized by the time I spent watching the FIFA World Cup at local “public viewings” in Germany.  While watching the games was superficially an incredible experience, I was moved by the unification that the World Cup incited. The seemingly simple soccer games were not only bringing together countries across the world, but was simultaneously uniting entire cities of people, with foreigners like myself being no exception. While not being able to speak German had proven to be a hindrance in man other aspects of my travel, watching the World Cup at a “public viewing” suddenly eliminated any language barrier that may have otherwise existed. It was as if the game itself was a language of its own amongst viewers.