2021-2022 Candidates

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  Candidate Job Market Paper Thesis Advisor Specialization
Portrait of Chang Cai
Revisiting the Incidence of Government Programs on Illinois Cash Rental Market Ben Gramig
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Regional Economics
Portrait of Luoye Chen
Weather Shocks and Economic Triggers of Cropland Change in the US: A Fine-scale Spatial Analysis Madhu Khanna
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Sustainable Agriculture
Hyeran Chung headshot
Effective diabetes management after diagnosis: Examining the roles of race, ethnicity, and metro-nonmetro status Mary Arends-Kuenning
Health Economics, Community and Rural Development, Immigration Economics
Portrait of Joshua Huang
“Fast Money” around public agency announcements Philip Garcia
Teresa Serra
Agricultural and Applied Economics, Price Analysis and Agricultural Marketing
Portrait of Hiroshi Matsushima
Evaluating the Effects of Footprint-based CAFE Standards in the U.S. New-Vehicle Market Madhu Khanna
Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Industrial Organization
Portrait of Noe Nava
The effects of taxing sugary soft beverages in Mexico: A censored QUAI demand system approach William Ridley
Food systems and methodologies
Portrait of Kun Peng
Canary in the Coal Mine: COVID-19 and Soybean Futures Market Liquidity Michel Robe
Commodity price analysis, Derivatives market microstructure, Applied econometrics
Portrait of Pedro Tremacoldi-Rossi
Financial Regulation and Automation Adoption: Evidence from Stock Trading Firms Scott H. Irwin
Financial Markets and Institutions, Market Microstructure
Portrait of Juo-Han Tsay
Revisiting the Incidence of Government Programs on Illinois Cash Rental Market Nicholas D. Paulson
Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Finance, and Risk and Farm Management