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Using economic theories and methods to solve the world's critical challenges.

Current Job Market Candidates

The graduate program in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics is highly ranked nationally, and received a rating of “Excellent” on the tier-1 research university campus of UIUC. The program focuses on research skills and experience, preparing graduates for careers in academia, NGOs, government agencies, and private companies. Our graduate students are grounded in economic theory, state-of-the-art research methods, and creative problem solving. They are distinguishable by their deep training in applied microeconomics and quantitative methods and their ability to apply theory and analytical tools to real-world problems. We have three department seminars in which students can see and present work in progress, strong core coursework, and professional development through the second-year research paper requirement and end-of-program job-market seminar.

Our students’ research address important challenges, including designing policies for environmental protection and resource management; evaluating international efforts to reduce poverty and hunger, and enhancing the performance of commodity and speculative markets. For more details on specific areas of study, see our academic specializations.

Recent graduates have gone on to careers in: universities and colleges like Cornell, Michigan State, Purdue, UMass-Amherst, Kansas State, the University of Nebraska, and Colby College; international organizations like the World Bank, IFPRI, and USAID; government agencies like the USDA and HUD; national labs and research think-tanks like NCAR and Resources for the Future; private companies such as Industrial Economics, Noble Americas, Thomson Reuters, Ernst and Young, and HSBC.