In the pursuit of skills to prepare them for tackling important issues in business and policy fields, our students have traveled to such destinations as Washington D.C., New Zealand and West Africa. These programs give students a first-hand look at how different systems and policies can impact communities on a local and global scale.

The ACE major is designed to develop the next generation of globally competent leaders. To that end, the major has an “international course” requirement, which students are strongly encouraged to fulfill through studying abroad- for two weeks, two months, or even one or two semesters!  

ACE students “learn by doing” through a variety of classroom, co-curricular, and extra-curricular opportunities.  The opportunities listed below are specifically designed with ACE students in mind, although there are countless additional opportunities on campus to choose from. Click on the titles below to explore some of these opportunities: 


How can I afford study abroad? 

Studying abroad on a program that has “exchange” in the program title is actually cheaper than a semester of in-state tuition, so studying abroad on a semester-long exchange program can be a sound financial decision. If you receive financial aid, it applies while studying abroad on a semester-long Illinois program.

Additionally, ACE students are eligible for College of ACES study abroad scholarships, campus-wide scholarships, and national scholarships for study abroad. For more information on study abroad scholarships and calculating study abroad costs, visit the College of ACES Study Abroad website.

Will studying abroad for a semester affect my ability to graduate on-time? 

No, it shouldn’t. As long as you work with your academic advisor early to make a plan for graduation that includes a semester abroad, you will not have any graduation delays. Hours earned while studying abroad count towards graduation. You can even study abroad on multiple programs before you graduate.  

For more details and information about application deadlines: