The International Policy and Development (IPAD) workshop is a forum for faculty and students to present research, learn from one another, and build a community of development economics scholars in ACE. This weekly workshop features research presentations on a range of topics related to international policy and development economics. Early stage research is welcome.

IPAD takes place on Thursdays from 12:30pm - 1:30pm in Mumford Hall Room 426-428.

Faculty Coordinator

Sarah Janzen

Graduate Student Coordinator

Anissa Collishaw

IPAD Seminar Faculty Team

Mary Arends-Kuenning

Catalina Herrera Almanza

Sarah Janzen

Angela Lyons

Hope Michelson

Paul McNamara

Bill Ridley

Alex Winter-Nelson

Fall 2022 Schedule


Sept 01 Dr. Sarah Janzen

“A research paper where things went wrong (a lot) and how we recovered”

Sept 08 Dr. Andy Hultgren

“Spatially resolved, multi-sectoral impacts of climate change and some distributional implications”

Sept 15 Mrignyani Sehgal and Hanna Willwerth

“How to get a great internship”

Sept 22 Melany Gualavisi Diaz

“Integrating survey and geospatial data to identify the poor and vulnerable: Evidence from Malawi”

Sept 29 Alejandro Montoya Castano

“How does a rural poverty alleviation program affect expectations about children? Evidence from BRAC-TUP in Bangladesh”


Oct 06 Dr. Guilherme Fonseca Travassos

“Intrahousehold poverty and inequality in Brazil: an analysis for the years 2003, 2009, and 2018”

Oct 13 Julia Rizzotto

“Does the existence of a women's police station increase the costs of committing aggression?”

Oct 20 Mrignyani Sehgal

“Link between household agricultural production diversity and food security indicators”

Oct 27 Mayra Saenz

“The impact of public insurance on inter-generational transfers”


Nov 03 Dr. Emilia Tjernstrom OR Dr. Marieke Kleemans


Nov 10 Farzana Shirin

"Does teacher salary support improve student learning outcomes?”

Nov 17 Dr. Bill Ridley

“Are Generalized System of Preferences regimes effective in promoting agricultural trade?”

Nov 24 Canceled - Thanksgiving


Dec 01 Canceled - Please attend Development Day Dec 03

Dec 08 Canceled - Please attend Emerick Seminar (tentatively Dec 09)