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Thanks to the generosity of our many donors and supporters, the College of ACES is committed to providing financial support to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our students and administers. Many scholarships offered are not specific to one major or concentration. More than 150 different scholarship funds are available to support our current and incoming students, and these criteria-based scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. Students in the Department of ACE are eligible for scholarships listed below and can apply for them at the College of ACES Academic Programs Office website.

Students may apply for the following scholarships using the College of ACES Scholarship Application, located here.

Mumford Scholarship

Scholarships designated for students who are studying abroad.

CHS Foundation University Scholarships

Three $1000 scholarships awarded to a sophomore or junior pursuing a career in production agriculture or agribusiness. The winning student must demonstrate interest in an agricultural cooperative business through educational work, or internship.

Donald B. Fergeson Scholarship

A $1000 scholarship given to juniors or seniors in ACE with preference to students from an agricultural background from DeKalb County or adjacent area and pursuing a career in agribusiness.

Ronald Filler Agricultural and Consumer Economics Scholarship

Scholarships awarded to juniors or seniors in ACE with an interest in the commodity market business.

R. Gish Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship to a student in farm management, rural appraisal, ag finance or agribusiness markets and management.

Joshua A. Kaplan Memorial Scholarship Fund

In memory of Joshua Kaplan, a former student enrolled in the Department of ACE, each year a $1000 scholarship will be given to an ACE student who demonstrates a strong work ethic in his/her studies while striving to make new connections with the people around them.

GROWMARK, Inc. Scholarship

Three $1000 scholarships to students from a rural background in agribusiness, agri-accounting or several other majors outside ACE.

Fred Herndon Agricultural Industries Scholarship

One $1000 scholarship to a student from a rural background majoring in agribusiness.

Kennedy J. Kinkaid Scholarship Fund

A $1000 award to a student from Menard County or the surrounding area pursing a career in agribusiness.

Allan and Gloria Mueller Farm Businss Management Scholarship Fund

$3000 scholarships awarded to sophomores, juniors or seniors in Agribusiness, Farm Management or Financial Planning.

Herbert Mumford and Mildred Goold Scholarship Fund

One or more merit-based scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students of good moral and ethical character who are enrolled in the Department of ACE.

Marshall Scott Scholarship in Agribusiness

Scholarships available to students in Agri-Accounting, AgriFinance, Agribusiness Markets and Management, or Farm Management

Leslie Stice Scholarship

$500 scholarship designated for students interested in grain merchandising.

Also check the College of ACES Academics site for additional scholarships.


Students should also check out the following independent scholarships!

Mueller Sims Policy Scholarship

Scholarships given to students participating in policy-related internships in Washington, D.C. The average scholarship amount is $3,000. Interested students should review this site.

ISPFMRA (Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers) Scholarship

$1000 awards to students in farm management, rural appraisal, ag finance or agribusiness. For more information, visit the ISPFMRA website.