Inter-Intra Collegiate Transfer (ICT) Information

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All current University of Illinois students who wish to transfer to a concentration in ACE and all current ACE students who wish to change concentrations must complete the​ ICT transfer process.

Information on this page is for current University of Illinois students.  If you are not currently a student at the University of Illinois and wish to transfer, please review the transfer resources available here for eligibility and application information.

The next opportunity for current University of Illinois students to apply to transfer to ACE will be in April 2021.  The deadline for the application is Monday, April 12, 2021 at 12 noon.


About the Application

Transfer into all Department of ACE concentrations is competitive. Strong applications will demonstrate interests aligned with ACE concentration; potential to complete all requirements within 10 total semesters; and GPA in UIUC courses and “core” courses. A 3.0 GPA is considered competitive, but students with a GPA below 3.0 are still encouraged to apply if the other elements of their application are strong.


Required Classes for Transfer

All applicants must have credit for or be currently enrolled in: 

  • ACE 100 (Applied Microeconomics) or ECON 102 (Microeconomics) AND
  • At least one of the QRI required Math courses from either

GROUP 1: MATH 124 (Finite Mathematics), MATH 125 (Elementary Linear Algebra), or
GROUP 2: MATH 220 (Calculus), MATH 221 (Calculus I), MATH 234 (Calculus for Business).

Suggested Classes for Transfer

ACE does not have explicit course requirements beyond the aforementioned to be eligible to apply and transfer.

Students can make progress towards completing the requirements for the ACE majors and demonstrate affinity for the major by taking and excelling in the courses listed below.  

  • Second course from the remaining ACE QRI MATH GROUP requirement, i.e. GROUP 1 -- MATH 124 (Finite Mathematics), 125 (Linear Algebra), or 231 (Calculus II) or GROUP 2 -- MATH 220 (Calculus), 221 (Calculus I) or 234 (Calculus for Business)
  • ECON 103 (Macroeconomics)
  • ACE 161 (Microcomputer Applications) or CS 105 (Intro to Computing for Non-Tech Majors)
  • ACCY 201 (Accountancy I)
  • CMN 101 (Public Speaking - if took RHET 105) or CMN 112 (Oral & Written Comm II - if took CMN 111)
  • ACE 261 (Applied Statistical Methods) or ACE 262 (Applied Statistical Methods and Data Analytics I) or ECON 202 (Economic Statistics I)



Applications to transfer to ACE will be available​ from this website as of Monday, ​March 15, 2021 and are due by Monday, April 12 at 12 noon. 

Additional ICT opportunities for ACE will be held in August 2021, October 2021 and January 2022.