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Four Job Hunting Tips for Soon-to-be-Graduates

Apr 14
Caroline Helton

Written by Sierra Beery, Senior in Agribusiness Markets & Management

[ACE Ambassador, Spring 2017]

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It’s time to look for your dream job. You’ve been at club meetings, studying, and probably even working at internships over the past few years, but now you’re headed for the real world. You want to find a career, but where should you start?

  1. Campus Resources The University of Illinois provides many job searching resources to students. From I-Link to Career Services, the opportunities are bountiful. Use your time wisely by attending career fairs and one-on-one company info sessions.


  1. Regional Searches If you’ve exhausted your campus-wide job search, try some alternative sources. If there is a certain city or region you would prefer to work in, try searching Google for your career field and area to find companies you may be interested in. You may also find companies you wouldn’t typically think of being in your job field that have positions you qualify for.


  1. Company Resources Once you have a list of companies you may be interested in, go to their websites and look for the “Careers” page, which is often located on a tab along the top or as small text at the bottom of the webpage. Careers pages often allow you to search by job field, which makes it quick-and-easy to find positions.  Many companies also allow you to set job alerts, which will send you email notifications when new positions open.


  1. LinkedIn Job Search LinkedIn provides companies the ability to create job postings within the site. By going to the “Jobs“ tab, you can customize your job searching with fields such as location, job posting date, industry, experience level, and, of course, job field. LinkedIn is also a great resource for connecting with company employees and recruiters.


These four resources provide many insights on career options. In addition, don’t be afraid to get creative and find jobs in other locations! Happy job searching!