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Diversity Makes ACE Stand out

Feb 25
Theresa Miller, Visiting Academic Advisor and Marketing Coordinator

Blog written by ACE Ambassador Zhe Chen:

My name is Zhe Chen. I am a senior student from the College of ACES; my concentration is Consumer Economics and Finance. I  enjoy being a student in the College of ACES. Our college always provides a unique variety of scholarships for students. I personally have received two years of scholarship in the College of ACES. However, the benefits do not stop there; we have one of the most diverse and abundant student societies on campus. Students can join different student associations based on their preferences, such as Financial Planning Club. Students can also expand connections from their professors. For instance, in my ACES 476 class, which is family consumer economics, our professor Angela Lysons always provided opportunities for students to meet with different recruiters. She is also happy and willing to send out students’ resumes to employers to help them look for jobs or internship.

Students also have opportunities to explore the world and earn credits at the same time. Our department provides different study aboard programs, such as studying abroad programs in Africa to learn about agricultural development.  Students only need to pay for airfare and staying fee. For more information, you can go to the website or talk to our faculty members.