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The Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics (ACE) in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) applies business and economics principles to food, agriculture, renewable energy, and the environment, both here and abroad. By combining technical knowledge of the food, agribusiness, environmental and consumer sectors with expertise in management, accounting, marketing, policy, and finance, our graduates learn to make strategic and effective decisions.

Students in ACE also have the opportunity to see the real-world practice of what they are learning through study abroad, experiential learning programs, and research studies. These hands-on experiences help turn students into confident employees and leaders.

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Hands-on learning is the ACE Standard

With seven different specializations ranging from finance, to management, to public policy, our graduate students have the opportunity to take their careers to the next level and become experts in their field. Working closely with faculty members, our graduate students will hone their ability to apply what they learn to real-world situations.

Synergies between the undergraduate and graduate programs give grad students opportunities for professional development in instruction, and undergrad students’ opportunities to learn about career options from grad-student role models.

Housed in the College of ACES, the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics is dedicated to preparing students for successful careers in business, finance, policy, and more.

Our flexible program allows students to tailor their education to suit their career goals, whether they envision themselves running their family farm, working for firms in major US cities, or becoming a driving force in a multinational company.

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