We started the day at the Embrapa Environment, a research center, learning about company history and their work.  Embrapa researches a variety of topics that affect the agriculture sector, including food security, integrated pest management and climate change risk. We had the opportunity to visit one of their trial sites: a coffee field where researchers are focused on the effects of elevated CO2 levels on coffee plants. Walking through the coffee field and seeing the harvested coffee drying on tarps was a really neat experience! After lunch at a Brazilian buffet, we went to another Embrapa site. This technology location housed researchers who are working on software to add efficiencies to the agriculture industry. Following this, we traveled to our final Embrapa stop of the day. Our final location focused on geo-monitoring. They used satellite monitoring to analyze the land and help farmers make decisions for future development. All of the Embrapa sites were unique and interesting, and helped us understand more about the research company that works with the government, universities and private foundations to improve the industry for Brazilian agriculturalists.

After a busy day of company visits, we stopped at the largest mall in South America to explore and get a quick dinner before we departed for the airport. Our first in-country flight lead to Foz do Iguacu in the state of Parana. We landed safely at our destination at 11pm and headed for the hotel to rest up after a busy day!

Coffee Plants in Brazil
Blog Writer
Jessa Barnard, Visiting Experiential Learning Coordinator and Academic Advisor