As a junior in the College of ACES, I have had the opportunity to grow and learn within the college, and now as an ACE Ambassador hope to share my positive experiences within the college with others. It has been an incredible experience so far working with such friendly, caring and committed professors and counselors. I feel as if I have joined a community with people who strive to form me into a well-developed, highly educated and passionate student. As I continue to pursue my Agricultural Accounting degree, I work closely with my counselor Ann to plan my future courses accordingly. As an Agricultural Accounting student, I have been able to take a course where recruiters from various agricultural companies speak to our class about their companies and the opportunities available within each. With this course, I have been able to create networks with various agricultural companies, as well as increase my professionalism. This has aided me in determining a company I would enjoy working at, and what culture I strive to be a part of when I graduate University. Within this course, I have created connections with companies such as Crowe Horwath and John Deere. In return, I was able to attend a job shadow opportunity at the Crowe Horwath Indiana office, as well as accept an internship opportunity in the Forestry and Construction Department at John Deere for the summer of 2015. Without the College of ACES and the support of my counselors, I would never have had the opportunity to take the course and create these invaluable connections. Taking a leap to join the College of ACES has been one of the best decisions I have made at University, and I am so glad I have had the chance to join such a close-knit, and dedicated community.

    I am also currently enrolled in a course called ACE 360: Spreadsheet Models and Applications, which is focused on Excel spreadsheet modeling and creating high-tech excel sheets. Professor Doehring not only teaches this course, but also owns a consulting firm. Having a professor who uses real world examples has been extremely helpful in my educational development, as well as aiding me in preparation for my future. This course is only eight weeks, but we learn more than I could have imagined in the course. Professor Doehring also takes time out of his day to conduct large office hours before assignments are due, to ensure that we completely understand the information and receive a full benefit from the assignments. Having this excel knowledge will be extremely beneficial at my future internship with John Deere, as well as my future career. Having the ability to navigate easily throughout excel is crucial in the workforce, and ACE 360 is a great introduction to that.

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Theresa Miller, Visiting Academic Advisor and Marketing Coordinator