Our trip to New Zealand ends with the long awaited (and dreaded) 13 hour plane ride and then another plane ride from San Fransisco to Chicago. While trying to simultaneously fight jet lag and coping with the fact that we actually have to leave the beautiful country of New Zealand; we are all eager to see our families and recharge our bank accounts. It is almost impossible to sum up our trip in one word or even 500, but we think we can all say it was truly incredible and unforgettable. We have truly learned a lot about agribusiness in New Zealand and we are returning to Illinois with new ideas for future careers and/or for our family farms. We are also excited  to relive these moments whilst doing our multimedia project next fall. Now we are onto our summer adventures and writing our reflection papers while trying to get back on a semi--normal sleeping schedule (whatever "normal" is for college students). We are thankful for all the Kiwi we met, and for the farms, businesses, and organizations we visited--we have learned more about ourselves, our country, and other cultures, and we could not be more grateful for everyone who made IBIP New Zealand possible. 

Ma te Wa New Zealand (Farewell New Zealand).

And Kia Ora Illinois (And hello Illinois). 

Blog Writer
Anna Fairbairn, IBIP Group Leader