This year how ACE stood out to me was the career advice and opportunities they were able to offer me. I came into this year not sure what I was going to do after graduation; I wasn’t even sure which field I wanted to go into. Luckily, I was able to find some help within ACES, especially the ACE 341 career opportunities class. This class opened my eyes to what I could do with my degree and how others have used it.  It was helpful to see the different paths and industries that other graduates were able to get into with a CEF degree. I actually learned about the company that I am going to be working for next year in ACE 341. I believe this opportunity to discover more about my future was essential to me finding a job. Earlier in my academic career, I did not focus much on how the skills that I learned in the classroom would apply to the real world. I had no idea what a job in this field would look like, and I didn’t even want to think about it. Luckily, I am an ACE major, so I had a group of people trying to help me find the path that I would be most successful on. They did an incredible job of showing me all of the potential paths that I could take and helped me make connections between what I learned in the classroom and the challenges in the real world. The way the curriculum is set up makes senior year a real pivot from academics to real world applications. This has made me appreciate all that ACE has taught me and how great of a program ACE is. 

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Theresa Miller, Visiting Academic Advisor and Marketing Coordinator