Advising and Tutoring

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  • DARS Audit
    Find out what requirements you have left to fulfill or run a "what if" audit to see what you would need to take if you switch concentrations or majors.
  • Guidance if you want to Study Economics in Graduate School
    If you might be interested in applying to graduate schools, these guidelines suggest additional classes and activities that will position you well when you apply.
  • Student Forms and Petitions
    Forms and petitions to add, drop a course, concurrent enrollment, taking credit/no credit, or taking an overload.
  • Transfer Course Equivalencies
    See how a course at another institution will transfer to UIUC or see what community college course will be equivalent to a specific UI course.
  • Tutoring Resources
    A select list of tutoring resources for ACE and ECON classes given by current ACE students.
  • ACE Advisors and Office Hours
    Meet the Undergraduate Advisors and ACE Ambassadors.
  • FYA: Advising Blog
    Review weekly advising updates.