Over the course of your time at Illinois, you may participate in a variety of novel experiences which allow you to develop leadership, communication, managerial, and cultural skills desired by employers. To acknowledge the cumulative skills gained through these varied experiences, the ACE department offers the Certificate in Management and Experiential Learning (C-MEL). Note that while this does not appear on your official degree, it can be used as a separate line item on your resume and as a talking point with potential employers. We will also honor you in our graduation proceedings with a presentation of the certificate. 


Program Requirements

ACE students who complete at least 4 of the approved experiential learning and management experiences listed below can apply to receive the Certificate in Management and Experiential Learning (C-MEL) upon graduation.  

Experiences which are not listed below but meet the spirit of the C-MEL will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Chaya Sandler, csandle2@illinois.edu, if you are interested in using an unlisted experience towards the C-MEL. 

Activities that count towards the C-MEL include:

  • Participation in at least 4 "ACE Farm Field Days" excursions
  • Participation in industry-sponsored national case-study competitions including NAMA, IFAMA, AAEA, NGA, or similar competitions
  • Business or non-profit consulting work through registered student organizations for at least 1 year including but not limited to; ENACTUS, Illinois Business Consulting, and SCNO
  • Leadership position in MANRRS
  • Representing the ACE department as part of the ACE Ambassador program
  • ACE department faculty-led study abroad program such as International Business Immersion Program (ACE 436) or Sierra Leone Study Abroad Program (ACE 499)
  • Summer or semester of study abroad in a program with a business/ACE curriculum focus
  • Earning academic credit for an internship or research while working with a faculty mentor (ACE 293, 295, or 396)
  • Completion of one of the following minors; Business Minor, Leadership Minor, ACES International Minor, or any ACE department minor
  • Completion of at least 1 foreign language course beyond the minimum graduation requirement of the 3rd level (high school coursework does not count towards completion)
  • Agricultural Policy and Leadership Program (ACE 291) or Farm, Food and Environmental Policy program (ACE 292)
  • Participation in campus leadership programs including but not limited to; LeaderShape Institute Program, the Leadership Certificate, Global Leaders: Orange and Blue (GLOBE)

Certificate Completion


Students who have completed the C-MEL requirements should complete this form at least 3 weeks prior to graduation to receive their certificate.

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Academic Advisor and Experiential Learning Coordinator
Chaya Sandler

304C Mumford Hall

Concentrations covered: Consumer Economics and Finance; Environmental Economics and Policy; and Policy, International Trade and Development

Chaya Sandler