Degree requirements

The ACE M.S. program offers considerable flexibility. Students using the degree as a foundation for a doctorate emphasize economic theory and analytical research tools. Students seeking the terminal master's degree focus their study on the concepts and analytical techniques used by analysts and managers in industries, governments, and other organizations.

Our students’ research uses economics to address important social and economic challenges. Thesis and dissertation topics include designing policies for environmental protection and resource management, evaluating international efforts to reduce poverty and hunger, and enhancing the performance of commodity and speculative markets.

Although teaching is not a general Graduate College requirement, experience in teaching is considered an important part of the graduate experience in this program and is strongly recommended for those intending to pursue an academic career.

Students admitted to the M.S. program with exceptional credentials may choose to pursue courses of study leading to transfer into the Ph.D. program. This Straight through M.S. to Ph.D. option involves taking challenging doctoral courses in the first year. Careful planning with a faculty advisor is important. Students who are accepted for transfer discontinue work toward the M.S. degree.