Graduate Students

The graduate program in the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Economics is highly ranked nationally, with a focus on research skills and experience. The program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in academia, NGOs, government agencies, and private companies.

Our graduate students are grounded in economic theory, state-of-the-art research methods, and creative problem solving. They are distinguishable by their deep training in applied microeconomics and quantitative methods and their ability to apply theory and analytical tools to real-world problems.

Our Graduate Program

Using economics to solve the world’s critical challenges

Our graduate program offers students support and flexibility in tailoring their experience to best fit their goals with personalized mentoring from faculty and fellow students, as well as the opportunity to expand their knowledge by attending courses and seminars outside of ACE.  

Our program helps set our students up for success by offering weekly seminars, networking opportunities, and funding for conference and publication expenses. The Department of ACE also helps students find funding opportunities, with over 90% of our graduate students having enough funding to cover the cost of tuition.

Our graduate students have the opportunity to take their careers to the next level and become experts in their field. Learn how you can become a part of our rewarding graduate program!