Master of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics

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The M.S. program in Agricultural and Applied Economics typically requires one and one-half to two years of course work and research. A minimum of 24 graduate semester hours of course work and 8 semester hours of thesis credit culminating in an acceptable thesis are required. Master of Science theses are developed in close consultation with a committee of faculty advisors selected by the student. Researching and writing the thesis generally takes six months to one year. The written thesis is then defended before a faculty committee and a seminar is presented to the department.

Students admitted to the M.S. program with exceptional credentials may choose to pursue courses of study leading to transfer into the Ph.D. program. This Straight through M.S. to Ph.D. option involves taking challenging doctoral courses in the first year. Careful planning with a faculty advisor is important. Students who are accepted for transfer discontinue work toward the M.S. degree.

More information about requirements is available through the University's Courses of Instruction.

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