Graduate Student Organization

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The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) supports its members in their graduate studies and professional development at the University of Illinois. The ACE GSO contributes to departmental governance activities, represents students on policy matters, administers graduate student office space, posts notices of interest to graduate students, recognizes significant teaching, research, and service activities by the faculty and staff, and organizes a variety of activities such as social and sporting events. All graduate students in ACE are members of the ACE GSO and are encouraged to participate. Officers are elected each year.

GSO Officers

Mateus Souza, President
Armand Tossou, Vice President
Kun Peng, Secretary
Liqing Li, Treasurer

ACE GSO Committee Contacts

Graduate Programs Committee
German Mandrini (M.S. representative)
Edward Martey (Ph.D. representative)
Elizabeth Kim (Ph.D. representative)

Courses and Curricula Committee
Victor Kononenko (M.S. representative)
Kwabena Krah (Ph.D. representative)
Chang Cai (Ph.D. representative)

Grievance Committe
Zhitao Shao (M.S. representative)
Nicolas Gatti (Ph.D. representative)

Quantum Committee
Liqing Li
Conner Naughton
Rachel Richardson
Yijia Li
Quanbiao Shang
Mateua Souza
Maria Gerveni
Yuying (Judy) Xing
Steven Burak
Angela Hamann
Armand Tossou
Ken Peng
Juo-Han (Becky) Tsay
Xiao Wang

Social Events Committee
Angela Hamann
Rachel Richardson
Maria Gerveni

GSO Constitution

Download a printable version of the constitution