Job Market Candidates

Student CV Thesis Title / Director of Research Specialization
CV Food Security in India
Kathy Baylis and Ben Crost
Development Economics, Price Analysis
CV Three Essays on Environmental Economics: Externalities and Policy Implications
Erica Myers
Environmental, Resource, and Energy Economics, Agricultural Economics, Public Economics, Health Economics
CV Three Essays on the Relationship between Land Conservation and Economic Development
Amy W. Ando
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Development Economics, Urban Economics
Ph.D. Candidates
Student CV Thesis Title / Director of Research Specialization
CV Three Essays on Childhood Development in Economics
Mary Arends-Kuenning and Rebecca Thornton
Development Economics, Health Economics, Labor Economics
CV Essays on USDA Announcements and Changes in the Release Policy
Philip Garcia and Teresa Serra
Price Analysis and Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Finance
CV Three Essays on Energy Economics: Policy Options and Evaluation
Don Fullerton
Energy, Environmental, and Resource Economics, Public Economics, and Development Economics
CV Social Norms, Markets and Land Use in a Developing Country Context
Hope Michelson
Development Economics, Agricultural Economics, Environmental Economics, Emerging Markets, Discrete Choice
CV Three Essays on Environmental Economics in Developing Countries
Kathy Baylis
Environmental and Development Economics
CV Alternative Fuel and Vehicles Choices in the U.S. Transportation Sector: Behavioral, Technolgical and Policy Deteminants
Madhu Khanna
Environmental and Resource Economics; Public Economics, Operations Research, Environmental Impact Assessment