Job Market Candidates

Ph.D. Candidates
Student CV Thesis Title / Director of Research Specialization
CV Rural Housholds and Labor Markets: Asset Transfer, Migration and Civil Conflict
Alex Winter-Nelson and Mary Arends-Kuenning
Development Economics, Applied Econometrics, Labor Economics
CV Essays on Production Chains and Disruptions: New Input-Output Perspectives on Time, Scale and Space
Geoffrey J.D. Hewings
Regional Economics, Environmental Economics, Economics of Natural Disasters
CV Essays on volatility in U.S. agricultural commodities futures markets.
Teresa Serra and Philip Garcia
Price Analysis, Agricultural Economics, and Applied Econometrics
CV Determinants and Impacts of Land-Use Change in the United States: Market, Policy, and Biodiversity
Madhu Khanna
Natural Resources and Environmental Economics, Applied Econometrics
CV Three Essays on Agriculture, Environment and Development
Kathy Baylis
Development Economics, Environmental Economics
CV Food Security in India
Kathy Baylis and Ben Crost
Development Economics, Price Analysis
CV Three Essays on Agriculture Policy and Health in India
Kathy Baylis and Mary Arends-Kuenning
Development Economics, Applied Economics
CV The Socioeconomic Impact of the Superfund Program
Peter Christensen
Applied Econometrics, Environmental Economics, and Regional Economics
CV Location Choice of Toxic Releasing Facilities after the TRI Information Disclosure: Implications for Environmental Injustice
Madhu Khanna and George Deltas
Environmental Economics, Industrial Organization, Econometrics