Environmental Economics and Policy

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Focusing on environmental and resource management issues at local, state, national, and international levels, students learn how to assess the economic aspects of resource and environmental issues and find rewarding positions in government, industry, consulting firms, and public interest groups.

  • Graduates might work directly with resource and environmental services such as mining, forest production, recycling, and waste disposal, in firms whose production activities affect the environment, or in legislative offices.
  • Other jobs may include working with interest groups and agencies, including agriculture, environmental protection, conservation land management, and transportation agencies.
  • Students may conduct a special project on groundwater contamination and environmental damages, the costs and benefits of recycling, or complete a summer internship with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.
  • Specific courses required include Environmental Economics (210), Natural Resource Economics (310), Environmental Law (406), and  Environment and Development (411).
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For more information about Environmental Economics and Policy, please contact:

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