Finance in Agribusiness

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Students in this concentration study finance as used in agribusiness, farming, financial institutions, and, more broadly, in the financial services industry.


All aspects of the financial management of firms that are connected to agriculture and agribusiness, including the financial institutions and financial markets that serve the industry. Develop skills that are broadly applicable to financial services industries with specific exposure to real asset markets, insurance and investment activities, lending and credit evaluation, and management accounting.


Have a summer internship with a bank, an agricultural lender like RaboBank, Farm Credit, or MetLife, or a company in the Research Park like Granular, Agrible, or John Deere.


Be a loan officer in a bank and other lending institutions. Find opportunities in investment and securities firms, firm financial management, insurance, real estate, and related fields. Discover job leads with commercial banks, private equity funds, Ag-Tech investors, the Farm Credit System, the Federal Reserve System, and the USDA’s Farm Service Agency, or develop programs with firms that finance purchases for producers such as GROWMARK and John Deere.


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